Friday, November 27, 2009


Inspired by a local tavern party in my neighborhood and fueled by my love for beards I made a couple handfuls of "Beardanas." This morning I put a bunch on consignment at the Riverwest Co-op, located on the corner of Clark and Pierce in Riverwest. They will be on sale till early January. The Co-op will be selling them for $7, but this Sunday, November 29th I will have a tote bag of them at Blackbird Pabst Beard Party. Come out and drink cheap beer... find me and I'll sell you one for a mere $5! I have a variety of plaids and solid colored beards. Ladies this is your chance to know the joy of winter face warmth and men... well, sometimes your beard just isn't full enough.
  • Riverwest Co-Op
  • Blackbird Pabst Beard Party