Saturday, June 26, 2010


“She wasn’t Looking for Love, She was Looking for a Distraction.”
Laura Gorzek and Angie Moser

This is the story of two women with a wealth of collected stories of their love affairs gone sour. Illustrated in memorable tokens packed in suitcases, they travel through life carrying the weight of their experiences and not much else. They make an effort to sell their memories as they pass through town to town. But every place they visit, they just end up collecting more and more stories.

Milwaukee, WI : Wednesday September 22nd : 7:30-9:30pm

Tour De Cure

Last week I volunteered at The American Diabetes Association Tour De Cure bicycling fundraiser. I welcome just about any experience I can fit into my calendar. Learning by doing is my motto. I am a sucker for the more ambient, dreamy types of photos, as well as good topography. However, I am growing and try to discover what the client desires and achieve directed imagery to the best of my ability. Good times.