Sunday, February 27, 2011

Call for Participation!

I Left My Heart In Your Backyard

I have a huge heart with a lot of love to give and share. Too much love to focus completely on one, end-all be-all, significant person for my entire life. Love can be shared in many different ways with many different people. I prefer the passing moments with strangers when a real human moment happens that breaks the anonymity of the daily grind. More often than not, it is easier to hate the unknown instead of finding the common thread or seeing the beauty in the difference.

I want to open up a dialogue with you, whoever and wherever you are, by sending you my heart. Once you get my heart in the mail I want you to bury it in your backyard and see what happens. A full list of instructions of photos I want you to take and mail back to me will be included with my heart.

Sign up by sending me your mailing address to {} with ‘I Left My Heart in Your Back Yard’ in the subject line by April 15th, 2011. Hearts will be mailed out by April 22nd, 2011.

Note: any written or spoken dialogue we have may be used in final presentation along with the photos you send to me.

Questions? Email me at {}

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