Friday, February 11, 2011

Waterlogged {cloud watching}

I’m staring at the clouds. Images morph and shift and evolve. What once was changes as the wind blows in the sky. I’m lying on my blanket just watching it all drift by. A T-Rex becomes a stallion becomes a beautiful lady becomes a space ship becomes a day dream becomes a nap on the beach. He chased me, he was sure it was a match. How quickly that certainty turned into doubt and disinterest. I can’t quite remember the end anymore. The pieces of that story disappeared.

As my skin absorbs the sun and the wind makes the hairs on my body stand up I dream of the beginning, that storybook start morphs into all the passionate opportunities that may have happened. Those moments when a hot summer thunder storm sends waves of electricity through the air and into your skin. When the first sent of a life-filled, green garden wafts up after the winter ice defrosts the earth and youthfulness takes over your actions. Songs go by, one after another, memories of loves once shared.

No regrets just memories playing like movies in my head as I nap on the shoreline. The waves crash and I disappear. Traffic goes by and I am gone, traveling through fragments of a life lived to the fullest. I can feel him here with me and in my mind there is comfort, protection, companionship, and friendship. Times goes by and the tide works its way up to me. A startling cut to my wandering mind’s daydream. Shaken, I jump up, shake my blanket and work my way up the shore. Feet pushing in the sand, my memories break apart and disappear, crushed into tiny grains of what once was. 

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